Télécharger Sur Internet, trouver du matériel et de l'information en différentes langues et très habituel. Disposer d'un traducteur comme Globalink Power Translator est important. Globalink Power Translator est un logiciel de traduction spécialisé pour passer des textes de l'anglais au français, même s'il compte aussi de support pour d'autres langues. L'anglais est la langue prédominante sur Internet, et grâce à Globalink Power Translator vous allez pouvoir tout traduire à plusieurs langues. Caractéristiques Traduction de toute sorte de textes de l'anglais au français et vice-versa. Traductions entre différentes paires de langues : anglais et espagnol, anglais et italien, anglais et allemand ou anglais et portugais.

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An example of the prowess of PT had been highlighted by the manufacturers. A mere typo, perhaps, but witness to some inattention. However, all would be well with a software widely advertised in the computer monthlies. Which language had been translated here? Presumably this was French to English, although why would Globalink be translating in this direction? I therefore embarked on my appraisal of PT with some incomprehension and a modicum of diffidence.

Since the good will take up precious little space, you'll get it now. The manufacturers state that it is easy to use. It is. The software and accompanying manual allows anybody with minimal computer literacy to start translating five minutes after initialisation, thanks to the two basic dictionaries included.

That was it. Now for the bad. Judge for yourself from this first example from French to English: Monsieur le Maire Lors de l'Assemblée Générale de l'Ecole de Musique, le 18 novembre , des parents d'élèves ont soulevé le problème de l'aménagement des locaux utilisés pour les cours de batterie.

Nous tenons à attirer de nouveau votre attention sur cette question. En effet, la salle de l'ancienne Mairie Bureau du Maire est restée en l'état depuis son changement d'affectation, et présente un aspect dégradé et triste. Par ailleurs, les conditions ne sont pas réunies pour une bonne qualité acoustique et une bonne isolation phonique.

Compte tenu du succès grandissant du cours de Monsieur Ravez, et de sa fréquentation actuelle de 13 élèves, nous pensons qu'il est indispensable d'envisager l'aménagement de cet espace, tant dans sa vocation musicale acoustique adaptée que dans sa fonction d'accueil d'un public d'enfants et d'adolescents réfection des revêtements et décoration.

Now read on. We hold to attract new your attention on this question. Indeed, the hall of the ancient Mayoralty Bureau of the Mayor has remained in the state since its change of allocation, and presents an aspect degraded and sad. Furthermore, conditions are not united for a good acoustic quality and a good insulation phonique.

Held account of the success growing the course of Sir Dawdle, and its current company of 13 pupils, we think that it is indispensable to envisage the adjustment of this space, so in its musical vocation adapted acoustics that in its function of welcome of a children and adolescent public coatings and decoration repairing.

All the rest, however, can only be supposed by the user unfamiliar with the target language to be correct. The rendition speaks for itself, but some particular comments are required.

Already I had misgivings so I decided to lend PT a hand; i. In Africa almost all social groups are exposed and the potential development of the epidemic is extremely great.

Information and education campaigns until now have either been aimed at the masses or targeted at very specific groups: prostitutes, truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc. Dans Afrique presque tous groupes sociaux sont exposés et le développement potentiel de l'épidémie est extrêmement grand.

Les campagnes d'instruction et information jusqu'à maintenant ont l'un ou l'autre été visées aux masses ou visées aux groupes très spécifiques: les prostituées, conducteurs de camion, conducteurs de taxi, etc.

However, the question still stands of how we are to move from this rough draft to an acceptable version. On this point, the manual is evasive. The user is told that the draft can be improved if a few tips are kept in mind. In an edifying section of potted hints, 5 he is succinctly informed that if he wishes to improve the quality of the translation, he can do three things: edit the source document; update the personal dictionaries; and edit the translated document.

Some particular shortcomings, such as the inability to handle gerunds, prove especially irritating. The user is given two examples of typical mistranslations that PT will make. He is then shown how to correct them himself by editing. The deception is two-fold. In other words, the programme is unable to render accurately an association of semantic units within a sentence.

The last fourteen in the alphabetical list 6 are revealing in their apparent arbitrariness. How were they chosen? Arguably, some do not even constitute semantic units. There is a clear discrepancy between what the programme claims it is to be able to do and what in fact it can manage.

Experienced translators normally bypass the phase of the first written draft with a dictated version, since they, unlike the programme, possess the cognitive skills to handle complex semantic units within and between sentences. The great danger, however, is to the former who, in all good faith, is likely to buy such software and trust in it.

One can only fear that there has been some jumping on the bandwagon in the production and marketing of this programme; indeed, the addition of an English voice synthesis programme requiring the listener to be reading the text in order to understand it only serves to reinforce this disagreeable impression. First, here's the English: What you must know Before using Power Translator, you must know how to perform standard operations common to all Macintosh programs.

If you are comfortable using a Macintosh word processing program such as MacWrite or Microsoft Word, you already know enough to use Power Translator. And this is what the programme came up with: Ce que vous devez connaître Avant utilisant Le traducteur Assisté, vous devez connaître comment exécuter des opérations ordinaires communes à tout Macintosh programmes.

Si vous êtes confortables utilisant un Macintosh mot-traitement programme tel que MacWrite ou Microsoft Mot, vous connaissez déjà assez employer Le traducteur Assisté. Finally, the French as printed in the manual: Ce que vous devez savoir. Avant d'utiliser le Power Translator, il faut que vous sachiez comment exécuter les opérations standard que l'on trouve dans la plupart des programmes Macintosh. Si vous n'avez aucun problème pour utiliser Macwrite ou Microsoft Word, vous en savez déjà assez pour utiliser le Power Translator.

Mesdames et Messieurs, nos vivons une époque moderne Bergen: Fagbokforlaget, The underlining is the present author's. However, this extract from a letter cannot reasonably be said to contain items situated outside the lexis of everyday life.


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